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Questions & Answers

Q: Why do I need eBusinessCard?
A: Business cards have always been one of the best and easiest ways to network. But online business cards -- i.e., email signatures -- have not been easily available. eBusinessCard changes this – it offers you free online business cards which you can design in a minute then make available through your business emails to all your associates, suppliers and clients. eBusinessCard is a simple high-quality email enhancement you shouldn’t overlook -- your competitors won’t!
Q: Can I use eBusinessCard in some but not all of my business emails?
A: Absolutely, just like any other email signature.
Q:Can I have multiple eBusinessCards?
A: Yes, for example you might want to vary the links you include in each. But please, not more than three to a customer.
Q:Can I use eBusinessCard in my non-business email communications?
A: It’s yours to use however you wish, as long as its use is ethical and legal.
I notice eBusinessCard is created on your website as both an HTML and a JPEG file. Why is this?
A:So you can use it either in your Outlook email (as an HTML file) or in your Webmail (as a JPEG file or picture).If you don’t quite understand this, don’t worry. Just choose whichever use you want (Outlook or Webmail), then follow the instructions which are provided here and also in the Welcome email you’ll receive.
Q:Can I use eBusinessCard anywhere other than in emails?
A: Yes, you can add it to your MS Word documents or to your PDF documents, or anyplace you can insert an HTML or JPEG file. Click Other Suggested Uses for some ideas.
Q:What if we want to supply our whole company’s staff with eBusinessCards?
A: Great idea! With eBusinessCard you can standardize the email signatures of all your employees, and even include a slogan and standard disclaimer in each card. All for free.
Q:Will eBusinessCard work with Mac computers?
A: Yes, it is functional with Safari.
Q:Is eBusinessCard usable with international addresses, e.g., U.K., Canadian, French, or German?
A:Yes, we have provided extended fields for the business cards to accommodate international addresses.
Q:How do we contact you if we have questions or comments?
A: Please contact us at info@washresearch.com
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