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Trouble Shooting

  1. In Outlook or Outlook Express, card image may appear slightly enlarged in the "Create Message" pane. In Mozilla Thunderbird image may appear distorted. Some versions of Outlook, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird may not display your eBusinessCard accurately in your Send Message pane because of an apparent issue in the code that establishes the image. However your eBusinessCard will transmit normally when you email a message. Send a message to yourself to verify this.

  2. In Outlook, the card image does not appear in the Message pane. Instead, the raw HTML code appears.
    In main Outlook window, click on Tools >Send and then set "Mail Forwarding Format" to “HTML."

  3. In Webmail, the card fails to PASTE into email message. Open your “Welcome” email using either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, then COPY your eBusinessCard image. You can then PASTE the image into your webmail while still using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

  4. eBusinessCard will not COPY into America Online email.AOL mail can not be used to send messages which contain the eBusinessCard email signature;however AOL mail will receive messages which contain the email signature. That is, you can send email which contains your eBusinessCard signature to AOL addresses and it should display correctly.

  5. Embedding eBusinessCard into Outlook/Outlook Express eBusinessCard can be placed in the body of your Outlook/Outlook Express email in either of two ways -- through the Stationery function or through the Signature function. In both methods first save your eBusinessCard HTML code to a file on your computer. Then in Outlook/Outlook Express go to Tools>Options. Next in Outlook Express select Compose or Signatures; in Outlook select Mail Format. You can now place your card in your email either as Stationery or as a Signature. Both work fine in most versions of these email clients.More detailed instructions are provided here.

  6. Additional problems? Please let us know at customer_service@washresearch.com. We'll get right back to you.
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